Some Projects

Tests for Vocational Guidance

"Tests for Vocational Guidance" is an application developed for the Android platform, which enables to perform a vocational orientation test. Built for the company Bioplus.

Driving Licence Tests - desktop application

Based on tests of the same site, a program was developed to allow solve free tests of the code of the road without being connected to the Internet.

Shopping List - Android

"Shopping List" is an Android application that lets you always have available a list of the products you need to buy!

- Add/remove products from the list at any time
- Sort the list by product, shopping section or acquired
- Know how much a product cost the last time you bought it
- Find out how much you will spend on purchased products
- Keep control of spending through the purchase history

Download at


"MyChat" is a chat application (client/server) developed using sockets and JAVA technology.
On the server you can configure the gateway, allows unlimited connection of clients, as well as public and private conversation between clients.

Download at

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