Some Projects

Descobre as Diferenças

"Descobre as diferenças" is a game similar to the well known "Find-it". It was completely developed in Java, which allows it to run on different platforms.

Download at


"MyMP3Splitter" is an easy to use application that allows you to extract parts of an mp3 file, simply specifying the start and end time of the part to extract.
It also shows various information about the mpeg audio file like audio version id, bitrate, sampling rate, channel mode, file size, length, frame size, etc.

Download at

Bandas de Garagem

"Bandas de Garagem" is a portal for (garage) bands.

Available at

Aprender a Conduzir

"Aprender a Conduzir" is a user-friendly website, which aims to captivate and make us think and act coherently, when we went out to the road.
As a reference for all who are taking the driving license, the site "Aprender a Conduzir" features several thematic areas and informative.

Available at

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