Some Projects


"MyMailChecker" is a JAVA application that runs in background, that verifies and alert for new received messages in the e-mail account configured using the POP3 or IMAP protocol, it also allows to configure the port, allows using an SSL connection, specify a file sound for the alert, among other features.

Download at

Driving Licence Tests - website

Driving Licence Tests is a free website that allows to freely solve tests about the Highway Code.

Freely available to anyone who accepts the challenge of testing their knowledge of the highway code.
Available more than 200 questions and about 150 images distributed over than 100 tests.


"MyMP3Splitter" is an easy to use application that allows you to extract parts of an mp3 file, simply specifying the start and end time of the part to extract.
It also shows various information about the mpeg audio file like audio version id, bitrate, sampling rate, channel mode, file size, length, frame size, etc.

Download at

Driving Licence Tests - desktop application

Based on tests of the same site, a program was developed to allow solve free tests of the code of the road without being connected to the Internet.

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